After 17 years of Outstanding Pizza, Pasta and Italian entrees, Monte’s pizzeria has upgraded and added new items to our menu, renovated our store, and expanded our delivery range! We have the same Outstanding Pizza sauce, Over 25 Selections of pies to choose from and Most Importantly the same Dedicated to our Customers, Food Loving staff!!!

We have added healthy choices such as grab and go salads roasted Long Island vegetables, Hummus, and veggies to dip!!.

Monte’s wants to feed everyone in your Family, but if someone wants something different such as Mini Burgers, Monte’s Hot Dog, or Fried Chicken Please ask!!!

Presenting Monte’s Kitchen : 

Monte’s Mini Burgers!

Monte’s Barber Pole Hotdogs!!

Monte’s Mini Chicken Burgers!

Huge variety of Long Island, roasted veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, corn, zucchini, eggplant!!! if you like a specific vegetable, we will roast it for you and our special Italian seasonings!

Lunchtime Specials for Contractors Offices, Hospitals, Businesses and all Municipal Facilities: Monte’s is making lunchtime affordable again all specials $9.99 holy crap you can’t find lunch that cheap anywhere!

Nighttime Specials:

Family Packages:

Coming soon:

Monte’s test kitchen- Come in and try our New Tasty Dishes for free! Stay tuned to our social media for Upcoming days!

Presenting Monte’s Weekend Baked Breads Oven: 

We are baking, Italian bread, Seeded Rolls, All Choices of Bagels Baked to order They are nice and hot! 

We also have Sausage Bread, Asparagus Bread, Portuguese rolls, Biscuits with gravy, and Georgia bread! If you don’t know what Georgia bread is Georgia is a country in Europe and they bake their bread with cheese or bacon or sausage , medium eggs or scrambled eggs in the middle! Please see the pictures they are worth 1000 words!!!

Call in on a Friday night for Saturday morning delivery call in Saturday night for a Sunday morning delivery. All deliveries can start as early as 6 AM with enough notice!

Monte’s Accepts All Payment in the following form: 

Payment forms accepted from all customers and businesses:
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express